Materials Studio® is a software environment that brings the world's most advanced materials simulation and informatics technology to your PC.

It dramatically enhances your ability to mine, analyze, present, and communicate data and information relating to chemicals and materials. Materials Studio's accurate prediction and representation of materials structure, properties, and inter-relationships provides valuable insight. Its tools solve key problems throughout the R&D process, capturing and helping you to share critical knowledge.

Successes using Materials Studio have been reported in industries including chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, paints, electronics, and aerospace. Visit the extensive case study library.

MS Modeling, Materials Studio's modeling and simulation product suite, operates under most Windows operating systems to XP. Integration with standard PC productivity tools facilitates communication of this data. A flexible client/server computing harnesses the power of your Windows 2000/NT, Linux, UNIX, and HP Tru64 servers to access leading methods in computational chemistry and materials science, delivering results direct to your desktop.

Materials Visualizer, the core MS Modeling product, lets you easily create and study models of molecular or materials structure, exploiting stunning graphics capabilities to present your results. See the image gallery for yourself!

MS Matinformatics, Materials Studio's informatics product suite, uses state-of-the-art database technology and is supported on the Oracle® platform.

Latest developments

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